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2432Re: What are the top five must read books about Theodore Roosevelt?

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  • SimonATL
    Dec 5, 2011
      I like many books about and by TR. Here are a few and I think it IS important to read TR in his OWN words. That tells you a LOT about him.

      1. The 7 Worlds of TR by Edward Wagenknecht - Excellent summary of TR from so many angles.
      2. Theodore Roosevelt and His Times - Excellent TR & Times
      3. The Republican Roosevelt - Excellent short book on TR's political talents and ultimate failures with the Progressive Party
      4. Brinkley's Wilderness Warrior - Definitive work on both his background in the sciences, naturalism, nature love and conserv
      5. Theodore Roosevelt - An American Mind - Selected Writings - Shows his amazing diversity as a writer.

      --- In tr-m@..., "John" <DRVOTE@...> wrote:
      > Dear tr-m group members,
      > What do you consider the top five books ABOUT Theodore Roosevelt you believe any self-proclaimed TR fan must read including multiple volume sets as one book (excluding Morris' three volumes because these clearly would be included in everyone's list)?
      > Plus, what are your top five favorite books WRITTEN by Theodore Roosevelt?
      > Although I own probably 75 books by and about TR, I have the perception that I have NOT read the most essential TR books and want to make sure I have.
      > All the best,
      > John Olsen
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