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  • SimonATL
    Nov 3, 2010
      Re: Edmund Morris Commentary

      Morris points out the frustration of the reformist crowd that became the Progressive Party. What Morris doesn't explain is that it was THIS very movement leftward by "reform" Republican wing and their exit from the Republican party that pushed the Republicans far to the right and made certain that they became the "Party of NO" from 1913-1929. These While some of the formerly Progressive Party leadership returned to the Republican party, others within the Republican party, such as Speaker of the House, Nick Longworth, even though he
      knew that his father-in--law, (he was married to Alice, T.R.'s first child) had his points, unwilling to surrender his privleges as a Republican leader would cynically refuse any support for T.R. and indeed, fought against his bid and would threw his hat into Taft's ring. This would be one more nail in the coffin of his marriage to Alice. Rather than subvert or capture the Republican party, far too many progressives ended in the lap of the Democratic party and pushed it towards previously unheard of leftist positions. Indeed, Wilson
      would adopt almost the entire Progressive platform by 1916 except for civil rights (he was an ardent segregationist and racist).

      It is TOO bad that the Republican leadership literally "stole" the nomination from T.R. in 1912. With TR as President, it is very unlikely that Germany's brash Kaiser Wilhelm II, who deeply and sincerely idolized T.R., would have allowed himself to support Austria-Hungary in its decision to beat up on Serbia after
      the assassination of it's crown-prince, Arch-Duke Ferdinand. WW-I might have been averted and a obscure Bavarian former WW-I corporal named Adolph Hitler might never have gotten out of the bars of Munich.

      While today's Tea Party is seen by many as having almost none of the intellectual talents of T.R.'s fellow progressives, they certainly have all the Progressive's passion for reform. But its conservative right-leaning reform represents a repudiation of all of Obama's key initiatives and is certainly a throw-back to a much earlier much earlier political era - the 1950s.
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