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  • Linda E. Milano
    Jun 30, 2009
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      Well, the TR collection was actually put together from donations - if it wasn't donated, it's not in the collection.  It was originally owned by the Roosevelt Memorial Association (who changed its name to the Theodore Roosevelt Association in the 1950s when they merged with the Women's Roosevelt Memorial Association).  The RMA donated their collection to Harvard in 1942.
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      Subject: [tr-m] Re: TR Cartoon project

      I have had a couple of conversations with Wallace Dailey, the curator, regarding my project. First and foremost, they do not have a complete run of these magazines (I find this personally shocking). Wallace hinted that their collection had many, many gaps. Secondly, according to Wallace, Harvard is very protective of their material and would not allow me to scan their cartoons. Eventually, they will get around to doing it on their own but they are presently tied up with digitizing their Theodore Roosevelt photograph collection. This project sounds like it will take years to complete.
      I do thank you for your suggestion and I was surprised that the TR Collection was not more accessible for this TR scholarly project.
      I do want to note that Wallace Dailey has ALWAYS been extremely friendly and as helpful as he could be. I have and always will the utmost respect for him and all the great work he has done to preserve the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt.
      All the best,
      John Olsen

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      > You could check the Theodore Roosevelt Collection at Harvard - they should have a significant collection.. .
      > Best,
      > Linda Milano
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      > From: John Olsen
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      > Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 1:32 PM
      > Subject: [tr-m] TR Cartoon project
      > I have begun an ambitious Theodore Roosevelt project which is already running into some roadblocks. My project is to create a website dedicated to cartoons related to Theodore Roosevelt. I will likely call it something like TRcartoons.com.
      > I am starting with cartoons from Puck and Judge. I have yet to learn of anyone or any organization that has indexed cartoons from these two magazines. I have also discovered that virtually no public library or university library has a complete collection of Puck and Judge Magazine.
      > There is some sort of digital collection of Puck Magazine available through a service called ProQuest that at present I do not know how to gain access to. I doubt that these images are in color anyways.
      > Considering the influence these magazines had at the time of their publication and the incredible lithograph cartoons featured on the covers and centerfolds of these magazines, I thought it would be a significant contribution to the study of Theodore Roosevelt to preserve these in a digital format and make them accessible to the public.
      > Unfortunately, the library with the best collection I have found, the New York State Library does not have a color scanner large enough to even scan the full page of the covers let alone the centerfolds. So, I have begun an effort to contact Google books to see if they might be interested in such a project. Supposedly, they have the best scanning technology available that compensates for large bound volumes without doing any damage.
      > I am still looking for sources of funding for this enormous project as well as any guidance into how I could overcome my present obstacles especially finding a library with the necessary scanning technology as well as a significant collection of both magazines. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > John Olsen

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