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  • Linda E. Milano
    Jun 30, 2009
      This might sound like an off-the-wall suggestion - but two sources you might want to try for additional cartoons.
      1.    Believe it or not, Canterbury Ales in Oyster Bay.  The owner has a collection of TR cartoons on the wall - he might let you photograph them.
      2.  Check with Peter Scanlan - rosepark@... - he deals in TR memorabilia.
      Hope this helps.
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2009 1:56 PM
      Subject: [tr-m] Re: TR Cartoon project

      First of all, it is GREAT to hear from you:):) How are you doing? I think about you fairly often and send prayers your way.
      Secondly, it seems that I will have to resort to taking digital images. I was told that scanning was far superior to digital photos in terms of getting the highest quality image which is important when having images posted on a website.
      Through trial and error, I am learning a few tricks about taking the best pictures I can. I truly admire the images of these magazines that can be found at www.harpweek. com and www.theodore- roosevelt. com (The Almanac of Theodore Roosevelt). They are very crisp.
      The scanning technology is out there but with library budgets getting hammered right now it will likely be a few years before they will be able to purchase the type of scanners suitable for my project.
      In the near future, I will send some of the images I already have and you can give me your opinion on them.

      All the best,
      John Olsen

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      > What about digital photos?
      > Rogina
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      > Olsen
      > Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 1:33 PM
      > To: tr-m@yahoogroups. com
      > Subject: [tr-m] TR Cartoon project
      > I have begun an ambitious Theodore Roosevelt project which is already
      > running into some roadblocks. My project is to create a website dedicated to
      > cartoons related to Theodore Roosevelt. I will likely call it something like
      > TRcartoons.com.
      > I am starting with cartoons from Puck and Judge. I have yet to learn of
      > anyone or any organization that has indexed cartoons from these two
      > magazines. I have also discovered that virtually no public library or
      > university library has a complete collection of Puck and Judge Magazine.
      > There is some sort of digital collection of Puck Magazine available through
      > a service called ProQuest that at present I do not know how to gain access
      > to. I doubt that these images are in color anyways.
      > Considering the influence these magazines had at the time of their
      > publication and the incredible lithograph cartoons featured on the covers
      > and centerfolds of these magazines, I thought it would be a significant
      > contribution to the study of Theodore Roosevelt to preserve these in a
      > digital format and make them accessible to the public.
      > Unfortunately, the library with the best collection I have found, the New
      > York State Library does not have a color scanner large enough to even scan
      > the full page of the covers let alone the centerfolds. So, I have begun an
      > effort to contact Google books to see if they might be interested in such a
      > project. Supposedly, they have the best scanning technology available that
      > compensates for large bound volumes without doing any damage.
      > I am still looking for sources of funding for this enormous project as well
      > as any guidance into how I could overcome my present obstacles especially
      > finding a library with the necessary scanning technology as well as a
      > significant collection of both magazines. Any and all help would be greatly
      > appreciated.
      > Thanks,
      > John Olsen

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