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2220Andre Roosevelt at Harvard?

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  • baby_afrika
    May 8, 2009
      I am currently enjoying some (but not necessarily all) of Renee (Leila) Roosevelt Denis' memoir "To Live In Paradise." While the book does have it's flaws it is also very wonderful and engaging. However, I've run into a sort of little mystery:

      When discussing her grandfather Andre Roosevelt's youth, she mentions that when Roosevelts visited France they often called on Cornelius' family. That is all well and good. In doing so, Theodore Roosevelt apparently became close to young Andre and inspired his life-long love of adventure. That too is great. But it mentions that when Andre came to the US as a young man, he stayed at the White House with Theodore's family before heading on to and graduating from Harvard. That's where I run into a snag. While it's somewhat exciting for me to think that he too called Harvard his alma mater, I've been unable to find much by way of record of his attendance.

      I've been viewing the class reports and cannot find any mention of him--though I should note that when a member of any class was not active, he might be dropped from all further mention as was the case with James Roosevelt Roosevelt, Jr.

      Could Ms. Denis be mistaken? It sounds reasonable that he would have mentioned it himself but does anyone know whether or not he at least attended?

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