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2185Re: [tr-m] NY Times Remember's Theodore Roosevelt's Death Jan 6, 1909

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  • John Willson
    Jan 19, 2009
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      In my recent note, I failed to mention that after TR consented to write the editorial about the League of Nations he expected to follow this editorial with, as he wrote, one "on what I regard as infinitely more important, namely, our business to prepare for our own self-defense." Unfortunately, that article was never written.
      As evidenced by this, and the many other citations in the Theodore Roosevelt Cyclopedia, on the subject of preparedness, Roosevelt, to the very end, never waivered.
      John E. Willson

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      You can also find the obit on the TRA website, www.theodorerooseve lt.org.  Follow the biography and click on end of his life link near the bottom.  It will take you to http://www.theodore roosevelt. org/life/ NYTobit.htm




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      Thanks to Keith Simon for providing access to the New York Times announcement of the death of Theodore Roosevelt in 1919. The feature article mentions that one of his last works was preparing an editorial article for The Kansas City Star.

      The editorial article was entitled "The League of Nations." It was dictated on January 3, three days before his death, and was published on Jan. 13, 1919. According to Ralph Stout, author of  "Roosevelt in the Kansas City Star, " TR was reluctant to throw his support to the proposed League and had commented earlier to one of the Star's staff that he (Roosevelt) felt that  "there is so little that really can be done by any form of treaty to prevent war that it would be disappointing for me to point it out. Any treaty adopted under the influence of war emotions would be like the good resolutions adopted at a mass meeting. We have an anti-vice crusade. Every body is aroused. The movement culminates in a big meeting and we adopt resolutions abolishing vice. But vice isn't abolished that way."

      It is Stout's opinion that TR's editorial " is of peculiar importance because it was the last message of a man who, above every other American of his generation, combined high patriotism, practical sense, and a positive genius for international relations."


      John E. Willson

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      Subject: [tr-m] NY Times Remember's Theodore Roosevelt's Death Jan 6, 1909

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