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2022From a NEW Member Seeking Help.

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  • Patrick J. Healy
    Jul 14, 2008
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      Hi Folks! My name is Patrick Healy. I am 42 years old and work as
      an engineer in a refinery. I am also an aspiring unpublished writer -
      - which brings me the reason for my membership.

      Some years ago, I read a couple of short stories which examined the
      Election of 1912 and explored how TR might have won that contest and
      its possible impact on the Great War. Prior to this, I had no
      special interest in the matter, but, largely as matter of idle
      curiosity, thought I would explore it's credibility. That was, for
      me at least, an intellectual "tipping point"

      A scenario of his election as an independent is not credible, however
      much one may wish it otherwise -- but the defeat of Taft in the
      primaries and ultimately at the Republican convention is quite
      credible. All that is necessary is change the outcomes of a couple
      of very close races -- Michigan and Massachusetts.

      Having proceeded that far, I became intrigued about how this might
      have played out. I did some research of his cousin's "New Deal" and
      swiftly concluded it really was not so new -- most of it was drawn
      from the Bull Moose platform. Needless to say, it was at this time
      that became intrigued with the life and character of TR himself and
      did some fairly extensive reading on him.

      Many Americans -- like myself until a few years ago -- have tended to
      regard TR as a sort of "macho neanderthal". Well, okay, he was a
      Rough Rider, a rancher and a hunter -- who also graduated with honors
      from Harvard and the Columbia School of Law, wrote 42 books and was
      fluent in six languages!

      One of his more interesting and less well known college papers
      predicted the two world wars as outgrowths of the German power
      challenge and stated that this was likely to require large-scale
      American military action in Europe! It also contained an ominous
      post-script to the effect that Germany and the USA would become
      postwar allies against Russia!

      The image of TR as an underrated -- indeed, seriously underrated --
      intellectual led me to re-evaluate those earlier short stories and
      then conclude that their theme would be the excellent subject for a
      novel which I have undertaken to write. I have already completed
      the "run up phase" to the war and there seems little doubt that
      American would have become an active belligerent upon the sinking of
      Lusitania. I am presently evaluating the impact of he might have had
      on the war itself and I would like to get some opinions.

      Would our earlier intervention have broken the deadlock on the
      Western Front sooner? What about Gallipoli and Churchill's career?
      Could the combined strength of the US and Royal Navy have transformed
      Jutland into a decisive fleet action? Would the Great War have ended
      in 1916 instead of 1918? Could that have prevented the Bolshevik
      Revolution in Russia?

      Any information -- even if it is only a personal opinion would be
      deeply appreciated.
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