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1687Re: Boxing in the White House

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  • axonqueen
    Jul 3, 2007

      My impression is that Butt was more of a tennis player! Was
      Edith's cousin one of the Rough Riders; I guess I remember the
      boxing match being between TR and one of his Rough Rider buddies?

      Happy 4th of July, Linda

      --- In tr-m@yahoogroups.com, Linda Milano <lemilano@...> wrote:
      > Sorry to disagree, but the boxing match in question was not with
      Archie Butts - it was with a cousin of his wife Edith's (whose name
      escapes me at the moment. He never mentioned it because he did not
      want to hurt the man's feelings.
      > Best,
      > Linda Milano
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      > From: simonatl
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      > Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2007 6:20 PM
      > Subject: [tr-m] Re: Boxing in the White House
      > TR was injured as a result of boxing with Archie Butts, his
      > aide. His obiturary stated, "Besides carrying a bullet in his
      > Colonel Roosevelt was partially blind and partially deaf. The
      > of his left eye was destroyed while he was in the White House in
      > boxing match. The hearing of one ear was destroyed by the abscess
      > his ear last February. He had suffered from broken ribs on
      > occasions, mostly in falls from horses, and a strained ligament
      on a
      > rib caused him a severe attach of pleurisy in 1916. After that
      > he was ordered by his physicians to give up violent exercise, but
      > this advice he would not follow." See
      > http://www.theodoreroosevelt.org/life/NYTobit.htm
      > A site on US Presidential medical histories recounts the same
      > at: http://www.doctorzebra.com/prez/t26.htm and attributes it to
      > book by a white house employee Ira Smith in "Dear Mr. President:"
      > Story of Fifty Years in the White House Mail Room. New York:
      > Messner, 1949, stating that Ira Smith was a peppery fellow who
      > the White House mail room from 1897 to 1948. He started working
      > during the administration of William McKinley and was the only
      > room staffer until the volume of mail made it necessary to hire
      > during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. Other
      > such as Morris mention it. They also note that this was not
      > knowledge nor was it released to the American people at the time.
      > Simon
      > --- In tr-m@yahoogroups.com, Jim Wiedman <jim@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I've got a friend who asked me for details about TR boxing in
      > East
      > > Room in the White House. I had remembered that he lost the use
      > his
      > > left eye in one of the fights, and I was able to find a
      > to a
      > > young artillery captain who was the boxer, but I can't find his
      > name.
      > > Does anyone know who it was that TR was boxing with?
      > >
      > > Does anyone have any other details of boxing matches in the
      > Room?
      > >
      > > Jim
      > >
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