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1685Re: Boxing in the White House

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  • simonatl
    Jul 3, 2007
      TR was injured as a result of boxing with Archie Butts, his military
      aide. His obiturary stated, "Besides carrying a bullet in his body,
      Colonel Roosevelt was partially blind and partially deaf. The sight
      of his left eye was destroyed while he was in the White House in a
      boxing match. The hearing of one ear was destroyed by the abscess in
      his ear last February. He had suffered from broken ribs on numerous
      occasions, mostly in falls from horses, and a strained ligament on a
      rib caused him a severe attach of pleurisy in 1916. After that attack
      he was ordered by his physicians to give up violent exercise, but
      this advice he would not follow." See

      A site on US Presidential medical histories recounts the same story
      at: http://www.doctorzebra.com/prez/t26.htm and attributes it to a
      book by a white house employee Ira Smith in "Dear Mr. President:" The
      Story of Fifty Years in the White House Mail Room. New York: Julian
      Messner, 1949, stating that Ira Smith was a peppery fellow who ran
      the White House mail room from 1897 to 1948. He started working
      during the administration of William McKinley and was the only mail
      room staffer until the volume of mail made it necessary to hire help
      during the administration of Franklin Roosevelt. Other biographers
      such as Morris mention it. They also note that this was not common
      knowledge nor was it released to the American people at the time.


      --- In tr-m@yahoogroups.com, Jim Wiedman <jim@...> wrote:
      > I've got a friend who asked me for details about TR boxing in the
      > Room in the White House. I had remembered that he lost the use of
      > left eye in one of the fights, and I was able to find a reference
      to a
      > young artillery captain who was the boxer, but I can't find his
      > Does anyone know who it was that TR was boxing with?
      > Does anyone have any other details of boxing matches in the East
      > Jim
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