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1587Re: [tr-m] TR on God and Religion

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  • Linda Milano
    Feb 7, 2007
      TR believed in what was called a "muscular Christianity" - doing, not talking about it.
      Linda Milano
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      Sent: Saturday, February 03, 2007 3:13 PM
      Subject: Re: [tr-m] TR on God and Religion

      I asked that same question 3 or 4 years ago on this group, and this is a
      reply from someone who spoke at the Buffalo meeting, several years ago,
      Brenda George. It's a good summary of TR's religious beliefs.

      TR was very much a man of faith, although he insisted on keeping hisI
      faith life private, which is why there is not much scholarship on his
      religious life. As President, he did not want to flaunt his religious
      beliefs, and did not want to be photographed entering or leaving church.

      He was a member of the Dutch Reform church. While a student at Harvard,
      he taught Sunday School classes, and when his term as president ended,
      he also taught Sunday school classes.

      His favorite hymn was "A Mighty Fortress is Our God."

      While President, he attended a small church and would often sit in the
      back of the church, because he was concerned that his presence would
      cause a distraction during the services.

      After leaving the presidency, he would often walk a couple of miles to
      his church in Oyster Bay, Grace Church.

      He seems to have had a strong faith commitment.

      I'll add that TR regularly read the Bible at night, at least while he was
      a young man, and he had memories of reading it aloud to his first wife,
      Alice. When a child, his father would read Bible passages to all the
      children each morning, and they regularly attended Sunday services at
      Madison Square Presbyterian Church. TR was brought up learning strong
      moral values, to which he tried to adhere for the rest of his life.

      Best, Linda

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      > You know, I've heard more than one Roosevelt historian claim that TR
      > had no profound personal religious values, but here's something he said
      > on this subject which would seem to dispute that claim:
      > "Fear God; and take your own part! Fear God, in the true sense of the
      > word means love God, respect God, honor God; and all of this can only
      > be done by loving our neighbor, treating him justly and mercifully, and
      > in all ways endeavoring to protect him from injustice and cruelty; thus
      > obeying, as far as our human frailty will permit, the great and
      > immutable law of righteousness. "
      > A Comment. TR must have done his Bibile homework too because the Hebrew
      > word translated in the King James Bible as "fear" really means exactly
      > what he described. Simon

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