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1583Re: [tr-m] TR on God and Religion

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  • Cam and Pam Lynn
    Feb 3, 2007
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      Re: [tr-m] TR on God and Religion
      You know, I've heard more than one Roosevelt historian claim that TR
      had no profound personal religious values

      That is a very interesting observation and a question I've had for some time.  The righteousness towards which he strives in both his personal and public lives had to come from somewhere and I have no doubt it came from his understanding of scripture.  His children were certainly well versed in Biblical subjects---it sounds like they were taught on a pretty consistent basis by both mother and father.

      I think his tendency toward military preparedness and his devotion to the warrior virtues came from both his tremendous understanding of history and from the scriptures, mostly the Old Testament portion, which is history from God's standpoint.

      The Seven Worlds of Theodore Roosevelt by Edward Wagenknecht has a complete chapter on his spiritual values and I found that chapter, and the book itself, placed his life into a bit better perspective for me.

      I still have in my mind that Tweed Roosevelt did some work on this same subject.  If my memory is correct perhaps it's something he'd share with us.

      Cam Lynn
      Brookings, OR

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