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1581TR on God and Religion

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  • simonatl
    Feb 2, 2007
      You know, I've heard more than one Roosevelt historian claim that TR
      had no profound personal religious values, but here's something he said
      on this subject which would seem to dispute that claim:

      "Fear God; and take your own part! Fear God, in the true sense of the
      word means love God, respect God, honor God; and all of this can only
      be done by loving our neighbor, treating him justly and mercifully, and
      in all ways endeavoring to protect him from injustice and cruelty; thus
      obeying, as far as our human frailty will permit, the great and
      immutable law of righteousness."

      A Comment. TR must have done his Bibile homework too because the Hebrew
      word translated in the King James Bible as "fear" really means exactly
      what he described. Simon
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