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  • prosperena
    Jan 4, 2006
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      Regarding TR's banning of Christmas trees in the White House...  The same "trivia question" appeared a couple of weeks ago in the online "Martha Stewart Newsletter."  This is the answer according to that website: "Theodore Roosevelt prohibited Christmas trees in the White House for fear of undermining his forest-conservation efforts."  A similar posting appears at: http://www.bugwood.org/christmas/BHHTT.html: "Theodore Roosevelt decided for the sake of forest conservation that the White House would not have a tree. His two sons snuck a small tree into their room and were caught, to the embarrassment of their father."  And here: http://www.clover.okstate.edu/fourh/aitc/lessons/extras/facts/cmastree.html
      "President Theodore Roosevelt - known for his campaign for the conservation of natural resources - banned the use of such trees for White House festivities. Shortly afterward he discovered that two of his sons had smuggled a tree into the mansion and set it up in their room. The boys appealed to their father's good friend, Gifford Pinchot, 'America's first professional forester.' Pinchot convinced the president that if young evergreens were properly cut, it was helpful rather than harmful."
      Neither site cites its sources but they seem fairly reliable.  Perhaps someone can find definitive information in one of the (unnamed) boys correspondence...?
      --Kari E. Johnson
      Los Angeles, CA
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