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118Re: [tr-m] Advice needed in France

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  • TRA
    Oct 31, 2000
      For a full-life biography, there is "Power and Responsibility: The Life and
      Times of Theodore Roosevelt" by William H. Harbaugh.

      For his earlier life, there's "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund
      Morris. This covers his life up until the time he became President. Morris
      is working on the second volume, dealing with TR's Presidency, which is
      expected in September 2001.

      There is also the biography by Nathan Miller, and a book on TR and his
      family's influence on his earlier life, entitled "Mornings on Horseback" by
      David McCullough.

      All of these books are in print and currently available.

      Best wishes from Oyster Bay,

      Linda Milano
      Assistant Director TRA_Milano@...
      Theodore Roosevelt Association (516) 921-6319
      P.O. Box 719 FAX: (516) 921-6481
      Oyster Bay, NY 11771-0719 www.theodoreroosevelt.org

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      > Hello,
      > could anyone recommend a good non-partisan biography of TR ?
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