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  • Tweed Roosevelt
    Jan 12, 2005
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      Arthur Train wrote a wonderful series of stories for the Saturday Evening
      Post in the 1920's about Ephraim Tutt, a fictional old Yankee lawyer who
      practiced in New York during that period and was a sort of precursor to
      Horace Rumpole. Tutt used the law to obtain justice for his poor but
      honest clients who were generally being persecuted by lawyers more
      interested in using the letter of the law to victimize the vulnerable.

      In the story, "The House that Tutt Built", an old women is about to be
      thrown out of the house her family had owned for generations and she has
      lived in all her life. The greedy neighbor has gotten hold of the mortgage
      and over a technicality has acquired the right to accelerate the mortgage
      and demand full payment. The old women, who never married, cannot make the
      payment and her situation looks hopeless until Mr. Tutt steps in. The old
      lady is explaining her situation to Mr. Tutt:

      "You see, my--my fiance was killed at San Juan, fighting with Colonel
      Roosevelt in the Spanish War."

      Mr. Tutt's Case Book, by Arthur Train, Charles Scribner's Sons,
      1936, p. 259

      By the way, I assume that Arthur Train was not implying that TR had killed
      her fiance.
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