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"Pretty simple"? It wasn't that simple for me doing it the first time, but I managed it with a lot of help. The second time was much easier, especially since
Highland, Stephen R
Dec 8, 2017

2002 Yellow Top ;battery

Completely agree - Prius is far from a "stressful" application for a 12V battery, and you should be able to find a top-line AGM of the correct size for about
Peter Blackford
Dec 7, 2017

12v battery after parking 10 days

Was a problem for my 2011. If I was going to be unavailable to drive it for a week I arranged for someone to start and run the car just to be sure On Sat, Dec
Adrienne Leaf
Dec 3, 2017

2015 Prius question ~ 42 - 45mpg

Jeff, Sounds like a plan. Do you have the AC/Heating system set to OFF? If not that is the most likely the reason you are seeing the 'extra' engine starts.
Mark Bayern
Dec 2, 2017

Can Key low Fob Battery result in dead 12 volt battery?

R U kidding? You think an 8-year-old battery has any life in it? Spend the $200 and replace the 12v. -- KenO <:^)
Ken Ovryn
Nov 26, 2017
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