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Re: [toyota-prius] Re: RX 400H being sold soon

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  • Raymond Baker
    If you have a remote FOB like on the Prius, just walking by several times a day will cause your interior lights to come and then go off. That s something that
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      If you have a remote FOB like on the Prius, just walking by several times a day will cause your interior lights to come and then go off. That's something that I noticed when I wash the car. I leave the key inside the house so that the interior lights or the locks don't unlock and lock each time that I approach the car or touch a door handle.
      That's another reason that I could see for the 12v battery to go dead.

      RJ Baker

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      > I just had to replace the aux battery for the second time on the
      > rx400h, I am pissed ! its only 7 mos old with 11k miles on it. Service
      > sayz I dont drive enuf. The last time the truck sat for only 4 days
      > and it was dead. they are nice about it sending someone out but now my
      > wife refuses to drive it lest it dies on her. I dont think we'll be
      > keeping it much longer. it's to nice to park at work and get dinged up
      > and its not as good on gas as they say. It is an awesome drive and
      > very fast. but it doesnt do as advertised. Lance

      Hi Lance,

      While I am not an rx400h driver; I drive a Prius. But since both are
      Toyota hybrids you might consider the following.

      First about the battery(s). Since the 12 volt battery in a hybrid is
      not needed to actuate a starter motor, there is no need for a standard
      large capacity battery. So a lighter duty battery seems reasonable
      in a hybrid ...except modern cars seem to use automatic door opening
      features, which use the 12 volt battery 24/7 waiting to receive a
      signal that you have pressed the FOB to open the door. This continual
      use of battery power is called "parasitic currents".

      Parasitic currents will drain any size battery, given enough time.
      With a hybrid with a smaller 12 volt battery this happens faster than
      with an traditional (non-hybrid) vehicle which requires the heavy duty
      battery for starting the car. However, given sufficient time of
      non-use even the traditional car's 12 volt battery will die the slow
      death due to parasitic currents.

      All this to explain why the service guy said you don't drive enough
      (to recharge the 12 volt battery).

      What to do short of selling the vehicle? You could drive it more or
      you could attach a battery charger to the battery when not in use, or
      hook the battery up to a solar cell so it would at least partially
      charge during daylight hours. Here is a link to a smart battery charger:
      http://www.batteryt ender.com/ default.php? cPath=11_ 3
      If you look around you may be able to buy one cheaper.

      Small solar panels are sold on eBay.

      Second, you mentioned your hybrid does does not get the gas mileage
      advertised. Again, before selling it you might want to read this post
      on how to maximize gas mileage on a Toyota hybrid:
      http://autos. groups.yahoo. com/group/ toyota-prius/ message/97299

      Dave '01 Prius

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