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RE: [toyota-prius] Re: Prius handling

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  • Prates, Joao (ext)
    Hi all. Many thanks to Jeremy, Russell, Lars, Chris, Stan, Marc, Bruce, Peter, Jerry, Jon and all! You know, I used to drive quite fast in ancient times,
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      Hi all.

      Many thanks to Jeremy, Russell, Lars, Chris, Stan, Marc, Bruce, Peter, Jerry, Jon and all!

      You know, I used to drive quite fast in "ancient" times, before gasoline was so expensive and I cared for the environment.
      In those days I rarely did high-way bellow 180 km/h (112mph), most times my Volvo just went for 200 km/h (124mph) and above all the time.
      I once did Lisboa - Madrid in 4 hours, I think I was 99,9% of the time at 220 km/h on that trip. This was some 6 or 8 years ago. Yes I enjoyed driving fast.

      Today I'm a lot more conscious of the environment, and at the same time gasoline is well above double price it was back then 8 years ago.
      I also realized it was quite stupid of me sometimes to drive that fast in a public road, putting everyone in danger, no matter how good I thought I was.
      <G> I thing I'm getting old...

      For about 4 years now, since before the new generation 2003 Prius came out, I'm in love with the car, and dream about it since then.
      That said, of course it is with great expectation I'm waiting for my Prius to arrive later this month, it's a dream come true.

      The funny part is that I'm self-educating myself trying to drive like if I owned a Prius already, driving [almost] within speed limits, coasting when it's safe, breaking sooner, not accelerating when there's a stop ahead, and all the tricks in the book you so well know already.
      Sure thing this is nothing like driving fast, it's different, you can appreciate the landscape, you can see other drivers stress driving modes and smear at them, and you save gasoline!

      The problem is... I still miss the adrenaline of controlling the car specially cornering. There's nothing great about going fast at 200km/h on a straight road, going 60km/h (37 mph) on a corner can be much more fun. And the Prius is able to do 60 km/h, so why not enjoy it?

      Mind me, I'm not saying I want a race car, or a sports car, I can't afford it, and I can't afford its high consumption, I just want to take everything I can out of the Prius.
      If I don't press the brakes too much (within limits of course) I won't be losing much momentum and therefore I will be reducing gasoline consumption because I won't have to accelerate back.

      Everyday when I come to work I see drivers passing by at 140 km/h (87mph) and above, while I'm driving within speed limit at 120 km/h (75mph).
      When I approach the corners I just let my accelerator go for a while, drop speed till 100 kmh/h (62mph) and press the accelerator back to keep that speed during the entire corner.
      Needless to say I pass those earlier drivers that now are going at 60 km/h (37mph), and keep ahead of them for a while, until they pass me again on the straight line at 140 km/h.
      At the end of the ride, I arrive almost at the same time they do, saved my breaks, saved fuel, enjoyed the ride a lot more, and only added a minor stress at the tires.

      You see, we can always take it on the fuel efficiency point of view ;P

      -Jeremy -

      I will have to play a bit with the VSC at some abandoned roads and slippery roundabouts to see how it works, how it cuts in, and everything.


      No I don't want a sports car, like I said I just want to know if I can have a "bit" of fun with the Prius and how to do it.
      I was just asking on the lower 200 questions :)
      The Lexus... oh yeah... if I could only afford it... I could buy 3 Prius with that money... but hey, we can dream about it!
      Thanks anyway ;)


      No I won't be racing, unless we rent a race track and have a lot of fun, or we could just drive some karts :)
      I'll try to learn the accelerator usage to see if I can get the "down shift" effect, it will require some practice, but I will have to manage.
      Can't compare with US versions, if someone is in the Seattle area speak out, I go there from time to time on work trips, maybe then I can meet you and try one of yours.


      Ok, so the trick is to slow down to speed entering the corner (I always do that), and then keep the accelerator steady depressed while cornering.
      The problem is to understand how much to press, but that's one of those things you have to feel and learn alone.
      "whilst the rear end of the car is sliding sideways"... hummm the Prius is FWD and the rear goes sliding... interesting...
      Thanks for the great input!


      SCCA ehm? I had to do a Google search to know what that is :)
      The 45mph speed limit depends of course on the angle of the bend, but it's good info anyhow.
      The tires and suspension for us Europeans are quite different from the American ones.
      I already asked what tires do they come in with, but my dealer told me they can come on 3 different flavours depending on the batch, so I can't tell yet what it will be.
      In Portugal we have 95% (or more) manual gear box cars, only high-end cars (read for OLD guys) have auto, people just don't like the auto gearbox here.


      I can send you the power/torque curve graph privately if you don't have it.
      Do you want me to use your address at the yahoogroup?

      My oh my... I'm not that crazy yet, or should I say, I'm not that crazy anymore ;P
      I don't think I will make my Prius slide on purpose, alas the VSC would cut in anyway...
      The story was quite fun though!

      Anyone knows the Guinness Book of Records email address?
      I think I should send this email in CC to them, for the longest email ever :))

      Cumprimentos / Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Regards,

      João Prates

      Siemens S.A.
      COM RD1 SW2 C3
      (+351) 21 416 7542


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      <LOL> Brings back memories of a good friend (and competent driver)
      'demonstrating' a hand brake turn in his then-new Subaru. As he mashed the gas
      & grabbed the brake, he quickly realized two things:

      1. On that particular Subie, the hand brake worked on small auxiliary discs on
      (you guessed it) the FRONT wheels.

      2. The engine was dead, and there was no possible way to recover anything in
      time to avoid plowing off the road in disgrace.

      Time to break out the six-pack and wait for rescue...

      Bruce Colman wrote:

      > http://www.slate.com/id/2081194/ <http://www.slate.com/id/2081194/>
      > "I should have realized the grim truth decades ago when I borrowed a friend's Audi 100 -- the first front-drive car I'd ever driven -- and took it out on Sunset Boulevard. In one of the curves leaving Beverly Hills, near the pink house that used to be owned by Jayne Mansfield, I mashed the throttle, expecting the satisfying "lock in" effect I got in my old rear-drive Volvo - the nose turning in, the car seeming to stop slipping, tightening its grip on the road even as it went around the corner faster. But that's not what happened. What happened is the front tires went all gooey and the car started to head for the living room of a nearby mansion. Only panicked braking calmed things down."
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      > >
      > > Hello all,
      > >
      > > I just got home and something came to my mind...
      > >
      > > 1) How do you [Americans] rate Prius handling in corners, comparing to your
      > > previous automated gearbox cars?
      > >
      > > I'm particularly interested on how the car behaves when cornering at
      > > somewhat regular speeds, like 80 or 90 Km/h (translates to app. 50-56mph) on
      > > moderate bends.
      > >
      > > Today I can gear down from 5th to 4th or even 3rd in order to keep the same
      > > approximate speed in corners but with added grip, and return to my previous
      > > gear exiting the bend.
      > >
      > > How can the Prius guess what I want to do and "gear down" for me?
      > > Am I right to assume it won't and therefore I have to slow down considerably
      > > in order to not go off-track?
      > >
      > > Many thanks,
      > >
      > > João Prates
      > JP - It has been several decades since my MG-TD and even my Plymouth RoadRunner days
      > and my experience is with the MY01 Prius which is quite a bit less powerful than the MY04
      > so my input is pretty qualified.
      > It seems to me that when I was shifting down it was to get more torque and while the Prius
      > is not a sportscar the contribution of MG1/MG2 is near instantaneous and I would bet the
      > torque curve is pretty darn flat meaning you could be pleasantly surprised at what you
      > experience if you simply press down on the go pedal.
      > Definitely not enough to do four wheel drifting but probably good enough to keep the rear
      > end lined up with the front - at least in most reasonable circumsta
      > .
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    • Betty
      I think I m getting old... ============ How about wise ? Betty Snowflake, 2003 Super White Prius (hybrid), 28,000+ wonderful miles
      Message 2 of 8 , Aug 1 4:19 AM
        <G> I think I'm getting old...
        How about "wise"?

        Snowflake, 2003 Super White Prius (hybrid), 28,000+ wonderful miles
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