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Re: Warning light on new Prius - UPDATE

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  • David
    Glad they got it fixed...and it is nice to have a car that will notify of issues that you don t even see/feel/hear. Take it from someone who s been in a Prius
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 2, 2006
      Glad they got it fixed...and it is nice to have a car that will
      notify of issues that you don't even see/feel/hear.

      Take it from someone who's been in a Prius for a long time now (5+
      years)...you have nothing to worry about. They're getting better
      and better with servicing them all the time.

      On the bright side (for you and other newbies)...some of us 01
      owners have had to wait while things were figured out. Sometimes
      for quite some time...and a little irritation. We took a lot of
      hassles so you newbies don't have to now.

      Silver 01

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "TigerOx222" <loganscott@...>
      > I had posted on Monday that I was getting a red "Brake" warning
      > amber (!)ABS warning on my one week old 2006 Prius.
      > It turned out to be a failed Brake Actuator Assembly. There was
      > braking on my left rear wheel. It was a major repair. They
      > diagnosed on Monday but needed to order the part. He started to
      > work on it Tuesday, but the estimated 6 Hr job was taking LONGER.
      > They finished today (Wednesday). It seems to be working fine now
      > (knock on wood). I hope it was just some flukey early failure and
      > not a sign of things to come. We will see.
      > Some thoughts...
      > I guess it was good that the warning light system worked so well.
      > It picked up a problem that was not necessarily that noticable
      > otherwise.
      > My Toyota dealer seemed very professional and competent. It is a
      > high volume dealership in a new facility. The foremen for the
      > mechanics are the ones trained as Prius technicians, so I guess
      > should have a higher skill level. They were sensitive to my
      > over a BRAND NEW CAR having trouble, and were very thorough (but
      > certainly not fast)
      > I will ask for a loaner car up front if there is a next time and I
      > need a major repair. It seems that Prius parts might not be just
      > laying around the shop plus there is a limited number of mechanics
      > trained to repair. i.e. it could take a long time to get repairs
      > done. My previous car was an Acura Integra I had for 13.5 years
      > I never had to leave the car overnight for a repair. Actually, it
      > never really broke down aside from maintenance stuff. Hopefully
      > this Prius will get on that track after this early life failure I
      > just had to deal with. Just in case not, I spent some extra $ to
      > get a 7 yr extended warranty. Usually a ripoff, but this car has
      > lot of expensive electronics and can take up a lot of labor to
      > Not the best start, but I have faith. Thank you for the replies I
      > received with some hints and tips for what to look for.
      > Unfortunately, it wasn't just a stuck or stickey parking brake.
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