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Re: Orange County Prius Club- Hydrogen Prius, Sat, Dec. 3- UCIrvine

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  • d0li0
    Interesting stuff, looks like they are or have converted 35 Prius at a cost of $4 million, so about $114,285 to convert a car to a fuel that isn t widely
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2005
      Interesting stuff, looks like they are or have converted 35 Prius
      at a cost of $4 million, so about $114,285 to convert a car to a
      fuel that isn't widely available, nor effecient, nor renewable.
      Not exactly an ideal transitional nor clean path to take.
      Don't get me wrong, it's neat stuff, but not very practical.

      For the same $4M you could convert 350 Prius into PHEV-40/60's
      People could actually afford to buy them for $34K-$40K. They
      could be plugged in at home and driven with no gas or greater
      gas mileage, and still be able to take road trips cross country.


      ps. Consider the process of creating your own fuel? Many already
      do use home solar power to provide all their transportation needs,
      and the same would apply to a PriusPlus, while keeping the ability
      to use gas. Now imagine that you, or even a fuel distributor, were
      to try and create the same level of clean and renewable H2 gas. A
      fraction of the solar energy that could be used to charge the car
      would make it to potential energy in the form of H2, less than 1/4.

      Now consider cheap, clean, and economical Grid scale Wind power.

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "techster00" wrote:
      > Orange County Prius Event- AQMD will present the Hydrogen Prius,
      > this Sat, Dec. 3- UCIrvine (note new location!)
      > We just changed locations to UCI- the Hydrogen Prius needed to
      > refuel to a closer place.
      > Next Event-this Saturday, Dec. 3rd- South Coast AQMD will talk on
      > the Hydrogen Prius they have- at UCIrvine.
      > 11:30- Bring your own lunch and look at other cars in the parking
      > lot (maybe an 2006 will show up??) View cars and the Hydrogen Prius
      > that Naveen is bringing (he will probably arrive about noon)
      > 1pm Speaker will be Naveen Barry from South Coast Air Quality
      > Management District on the Hydrogen Prius and Hydrogen in general as
      > a fuel. There may also be a speaker from UCI on Alternative
      > Transportation.
      > Email me for directions (cathy@o...)- UCI Location TBD-
      > parking lot still to be determined .
      > Some news releases on AQMD Hydrogen Prius (thanks Mike Kimura)
      > http://www.aqmd.gov/news1/2005/autoshowpr.html
      > http://www.greencarcongress.com/2005/03/burbank_aqmd_to.html
      > http://www.californiahydrogen.org/page.cfm?content=20&display=4
      > RSVP to Cathy@o... (and I will send directions when I get
      > them)
      > Website:www.ocprius.com
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