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Re: Got my notice- Also have question on tires for 2004 Prius??

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  • mberry7@aol.com
    In a message dated 11/30/2005 7:46:11 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, enjoyindiana@yahoo.com writes: I got my notice also. I haven t scheduled it yet. I notice
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      In a message dated 11/30/2005 7:46:11 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
      enjoyindiana@... writes:

      I got my notice also. I haven't scheduled it yet. I notice you said
      you were in for tires at 35,000. Did you get new tires? If so, what
      kind? My 2004 has 30,000 miles and is going to need tires soon. I've
      started looking locally today. I heard of a new Goodyear Assurance
      Comfortread that claims to be better traction, better ride, and higher
      mileage (80,000) than the Goodyear Integrity tires that came on the
      car new. Have you heard of anyone using these?

      In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, mberry7@a... wrote:

      Got mine too - which was a surprise since my 2005 was just in last
      week for tires and 35,000 mile service. I'd specifically asked about the
      recalls and was told my car wasn't included in it.


      When I had my 2003 I was shocked to hear how short the life of their tires
      was (or so they claimed). They had just come out with alternatives then so
      with this car I knew to look and actually found John's Stuff - which is how I
      found this list. _http://john1701a.com_ (http://john1701a.com/) I used his
      information and had the dealership order the Michelin HydroEdge for me. The
      previous (and GREAT) service manager there had told me the alternatives were
      better and cheaper so I figured I'd have to find it first to be sure I got
      decent tires. John has an incredible site. I didn't my 2005 Prius has "real"
      tires now instead of the toy tires they first had, so it is even easier to
      find. No cheaper of course!

      Good luck!



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