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Re: Extended Warranty

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  • Michelle Vadeboncoeur
    ... I checked with Troy at Toyota of Greenfield. He s set me straighter. Transfer is when the car is sold between private parties. If the car is sold to a
    Message 1 of 104 , Oct 27, 2003
      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, Peter Blackford <PriusPete@e...> wrote:
      > Michelle Vadeboncoeur wrote:
      > >
      > > Read the warranty agreement:
      > > http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/toyota-prius/message/61384
      > >
      > > Transfer occurs between individual sellers. Transfer to a retail
      > > vehicle dealer does not count as a transfer, so the warranty does go
      > > with the car if you trade it in and is good for the next buyer.
      > You may wish to verify this with a dealer - as I did..... two, in fact. The
      > extended warranty dies when the car is traded with a Toyota dealer - perhaps so
      > they can sell another one? Who knows... let's ask the referee: Dianne?

      I checked with Troy at Toyota of Greenfield. He's set me straighter.
      Transfer is when the car is sold between private parties. If the car
      is sold to a dealer, the warranty does not transfer, but you can cancel
      the extended warranty for a partial refund.

      Troy explains it much better than I can:
      ---forwarded email---
      Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 18:00:43 -0500
      From: Toyota of Greenfield <info@...>
      To: Michelle Vadeboncoeur <mrv@...>
      Subject: Re: 2004 Prius Toyota Extra Care (fwd)


      It can't be transferred to a dealer, only between private parties. However,
      if someone trades in a car that still has time/mileage left on their Extra
      Care agreement, it can be cancelled for a partial refund.

      Here is the actual wording from a contract....


      Within thirty (30) days of the Agreement Application Date, if no benefits
      have been paid, You may cancel this Agreement and we will refund the
      Agreement PurchasePrice, minus a $25 processing fee.

      In all other cases, we will pay a pro rata refund based on elapsed time from
      the Agreement Application Date or elapsed mileage from the Agreement
      Application Mileage (whichever refund dollar amount is less), minus a $25
      processing fee. All such refunds will be computed based upon the date the
      Administrator receives notice of thecancellation request.

      To cancel this Agreement and request a refund, return this original
      Agreement to Your selling dealer. If that is not possible, send this
      original Agreement, with a letter signed by You requesting cancellation
      including the date of cancellation and current odometer reading on the
      vehicle, to the Administrator at the address shown above. If the
      Administrator has notice of a Lienholder or Lessor and a Release of Lien is
      not provided, any refund will be paid either to the Lienholder/Lessor or
      jointly to You and the Lienholder/Lessor at the discretion of the
      Administrator. The cancellation effective date You request cannot be more
      than thirty (30) days prior to receipt by the Administrator.


      To make it simple if you had a 6 year / 100,000 mile plan and you traded at
      exactly 3 years from the purchase date and with 50,000 miles...if you paid
      $1000 for the policy, you would get back $500 less a cancellation processing
      fee of $25, so you would get $475.00


      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Michelle Vadeboncoeur" <mrv@...>
      To: "Toyota of Greenfield" <info@...>
      Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 5:23 PM
      Subject: Re: 2004 Prius Toyota Extra Care (fwd)

      > I posted the info that you sent to me onto the toyota-prius and 2004-prius
      > yahoogroups and also onto priusonline.com. I had a few people ask me for
      > your contact info, so I provided that as well.
      > But a question has come up on the toyota-prius list about the extended
      > warranty that perhaps you could answer:
      > If someone was to trade in their Toyota that still had time left on the
      > Toyota Extra Care extended warranty with a Toyota dealer, does the
      > warranty transfer over to the dealer (or the next person to buy the car
      > from the dealer), or does the extended warranty die when the car is sold
      > to the dealer?
      > The plan does state in note 2 that the warranty is transferrable between
      > private parties (I assume a private sale person to person). I guess the
      > question is what is the interpretation of the "(excluding vehicle retail
      > outlets)" at the end of that note 2.
      > The portion of the Toyota Extra Care Platinum plan that covers transfer of
      > the agreement:
      > (end of page 3 start of page 4)
      > <quote>
      > This Agreement is transferrable only if (1) it has not been previously
      > transferred, (2) it is being transferred between private parties
      > (excluding vehicle retail outlets), (3) the original owner of this
      > Agreement signs below to authoriize the transfer or provides written
      > authorization for transfer, and (4) Your Agreement Type is indicated as
      > NEW in the Vehicle Service Agreement Information.

      > If You sell Your vehicle and wish to transfer this Agreement to the next
      > owner of Your vehicle, You must submit the transfer request to the
      > Administrator or send written notification with the information required
      > below within 90 days of the change of ownership. To request a transfer
      > complete the transfer information requested below. Then send the complete
      > Agreement, or written notification, Pelease of Lien (if applicable), and a
      > check in the amount of $50.00 made payable to "Agreement Administrator",
      > to:
      > P.O. BOX 9550
      > CEDAR RAPIDS, IA 52409-9550
      > NEW OWNERS NAME: ____________________
      > ADDRESS: ____________________
      > ____________________
      > ____________________
      > TRANSFER DATE: ____________________
      > TRANSFER MILEAGE: ____________________
      > </quote>
    • Ronald McCarthy
      There was a time after we took delivery of our 2002 Prius in April, when we’d wave at other Prius’s on the highway. Reminiscent of the time when VW
      Message 104 of 104 , Aug 29, 2014
        There was a time after we took delivery of our 2002 Prius in April, when we’d wave at other Prius’s on the highway.  Reminiscent of the time when VW drivers would wave at each other in the late 50’s.  It was a nice gesture, but by the time the 2004’s began to be prevelant, the waving disappeared.  Times change and I’m told that we should change with them...sigh...

        Sent: Friday, August 29, 2014 4:06 PM
        Subject: Re: [toyota-prius] Extended Warranty

        Sounds like fun!  Hope y'all can get together.  As for us, I guess we wouldn't make it.  We DID spend 18 months at Fort Eustis and we got to Raleigh, but not since hubby's discharge.

        Betty in TX

        On 8/29/2014 4:44 PM, 'Phyllis K. Day' phyllisday@... [toyota-prius] wrote:

        Yes, what Betty said is so true of the past 14 or so years of this droup. Around 2004, there was a south Florida meet-up (I lived there at the time). Aside from looking at everyone’s Prius and  general fun  chat, we  toured a cool energy exhibit. I don’t recall all the details but I am sure that Prius Pete remembers.

        Also, back then, there was a fella who worked at a dealership who offered us the best new car warranty for about $850. (Maybe he’s still around….)

          Anyone for a meet-up in Raleigh? Two  blocks over from me is my car’s color twin.

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