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    Be aware that right after tapping the fender or light housing to get the bulb to re-light you want to go to the auto parts store and get a new bulb. Chances
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 27, 2013
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      Be aware that right after tapping the fender or light housing to get the
      bulb to re-light you want to go to the auto parts store and get a new bulb.
      Chances are you are accomplishing a temporary fix.

      A little science or physics: The way conventional and halogen bulbs work is
      to run a current through a special wire called a filament'. This filament
      is strung between two or more posts inside the glass bulb. Look closely at
      a new bulb and you can sometimes see this structure. This filament is
      actually a wire that has a specific amount of resistance to passing
      electrical current. When the current is passed through the filament it gets
      hot and glows. Hence the light.

      When a bulb 'burns out' it is typically because the constant heat of
      illumination causes the filament to break in two or more pieces. (This is
      why you hear a rattle when shaking burnt out household bulbs.) If there are
      two pieces hanging somewhat close together, jarring the bulb by tapping
      sometimes causes them to 'bounce' and come in contact with each other. If
      the current is on at this time, they sometimes become welded together and
      the current path is restored.

      Typically you will actually notice that the bulb is brighter than usual-
      this is because the filament is shorter which presents less resistance to
      current flow hence a brighter glow. This also causes more heat in the
      filament and it will most likely burn out (again) in very short order.

      I have actually pulled this stunt while getting my car inspected. Lasts
      long enough to get my sticker and get back home to change the bulb.

      Now keep in mind that 'sometimes' when you are banging on the fender you are
      jarring the bulb where it sits in the socket and re-seating it or shaking a
      connection in the wiring harness. Those fixes may last longer than welding
      the filament, but chances the failure will return on a dark foggy night with
      a police car in the vicinity.


      Ray L.

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      Hello swpeng,

      In your second message that you sent a minute after the first message, you
      mentioned that you owned a 2005 Prius. On my 2010 Prius, the small yellow
      front park light went out on top of the headlight. During the next Toyota
      service visit, I mentioned it to the Toyota Service Writer.

      Before writing up a headlight replacement, he turned on the headlight and
      tapped mildly several times with HIS HAND on the top of the fender near the
      yellow park light. The yellow park light came back on.

      You may want to tap mildly with YOUR HAND the fender around the affected
      small light attached with the headlight. You want to avoid tapping too hard
      to avoid damaging the fender or headlight. If it doesn't work, you may need
      to change the headlight again.

      I hope this works. Good luck.

      Michael J.
      2010 Prius

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