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Seeking new home or "rainbow bridge" for MY01 NHW11 Prius

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  • sejhre
    I am asking for the Droup s help in finding either a new home, or a good Rainbow Bridge resting place for Sadie , my much loved 2001 NHW11 Prius. In late
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2013
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      I am asking for the Droup's help in finding either a
      new home, or a good "Rainbow Bridge" resting place for
      'Sadie', my much loved 2001 NHW11 Prius.

      In late October, she suddenly experienced an episode of
      MAJOR misfiring and an almost total lost of power.

      Stop and restart gave very limited motion at very limited
      speed (<5 km/h) that lasted either mebbe five seconds or
      until shift from Drive to Reverse was performed.

      Fortunately, very fortunately I was near my home when
      this occurred (literally a few hundred metres away,
      returning from picking up the dog from a trip to the
      groomers) so across repeated shutdown and restarts, I
      was able to get 'Sadie' close enuff to the garage that
      I could push her the rest of the way into it.

      Next day, I flat-bedded her to my customary Toyota dealer
      [Jacksons Toyota in Barrie, ON -- HIGHLY recommendable!!]
      cuz the Prius Techs there -- especially Dave Rowland --
      are toptoptoptop-notch)

      Mysteriously fowled plugs were found (cause completely
      unknown). They were replaced. This uncovered two weak-to-bad
      igniters. Even with some THHT-ish and secret voodoo overrides
      to get the engine to run somewhat, problems remained.
      Suspected but unknown was/is whether some converter electronics
      and/or "transmission" components, etc. etc. took a 'hit' during,
      or ancillary to, the violent misfiring incident.

      Since I has a 2013 ZVW35 (Plug-In) Prius on order [arrival
      mebbe mebbe mebbe in March] and the dealership had assigned
      'Sadie' a "trade-in" value prior to this incident of $1500,
      spending possibly several thousands of dollars (est. $3500
      to $6500+) made no sense.

      So now, 'Sadie' sits at the dealership.
      I'm looking for either someone who might want her for
      parts and/or repair, or as a last resort, suggestions as
      to good place to contact where she will be properly,
      responsibly recycled.

      A local searching-for-a-Prius acquaintance pointed me to
      a Kiji advert [at <http://tinyurl.com/cr2ayy8>, but very
      recently removed] that read "Wanted 2001-2012 Toyota Prius
      ... Running or Not Cash Paid" and said, "if you are trading
      in, I'll pay more than a dealer."

      An email to the poster of the ad using the KiJiji site
      was never replied to. Over the next ten days following
      that week of waiting, many, many phone calls at different
      time of the led only to an answering machine (that played
      a very weird outgoing message, took no message from the
      caller, then simply disconnected). Finally, one call
      connected and I spoke with a chap that had a very strong,
      strange accent and an extremely brusque, rude obnoxious manner.
      I described the situation; he quoted a two-digit price,
      said 'take it or leave it' then hung up after approx 10 sec.

      So, I figgered an outreach to the knowledgeable, well-versed
      Droup might be a good 'next step' ... cuz the dealership has
      been very understanding and considerate but isn't going to let
      me leave 'Sadie' sitting in their back lot forever.

      'Sadie' had 328.6K km on the ODO when this incident occurred.

      Her HV battery was replaced in jan 2010. [I also have the pack
      that was removed.]
      All required maintenance and service was 'religiously' performed.

      She has a CoastalETech 1-1/4" receiver attached. More info &
      particulars available on request.


      === If you, or someone you know is interested in acquiring
      'Sadie' to fix up or whatever, please get in touch.
      [You know where she is located, and that self-propelled
      departure is not an option.]

      === If you know some recycler or company you favour that
      would be interested in her for parts, please contact me.



    • John Bennett
      See if these guys are interested: http://www.autobeyours.com/   John S. Bennett [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      Message 2 of 2 , Jan 5, 2013
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        See if these guys are interested:


        John S. Bennett

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