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Re: [toyota-prius] 10 years ago

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  • Michael Welch
    ... What? Are you kidding? We cannot afford NOT to deal with it. Man, somebody s been messing with your mind. ... Yes, radical change on ALL fronts. And CO2 is
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 7, 2011
      Stan wrote at 03:13 PM 7/5/2011:

      >Whether or not there is Global Warming, the "solution" is both not affordable and not sustainable, especially with the economic conditions we are facing today. While the elites want Agenda 21, NWO and the Kyoto Protocol, the middle class in America would be destroyed by this and Cap and Trade.

      What? Are you kidding? We cannot afford NOT to deal with it. Man, somebody's been messing with your mind.

      >Do we really think that we in America can make these changes and 1. Make any difference and 2. Afford It - while the rest of the Third World doesn't care and is rapidly trying to become the U.S. of the early 20th Century?
      >As for priorities, survival in a new world of economic conflict will make your goals a distant dream.
      >Yes, we need new priorities, but you are going to have to have radical change to implement them. That's unless Goldman-Sachs can see a profit in it and control us even more.
      >Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins are predicting an economic crash. I'd be more concerned with survival because the elite want the world population to be drastically cut. Sort of like the movie "2012" but it's not going to be a flood. So learn how to protect your family. The villian isn't going to be CO2.

      Yes, radical change on ALL fronts. And CO2 is only one villain.
    • Mark L. Binder
      While I don t wish to get involved in a non-prius discussion(and in the past the moderators were very diligent in blocking non-prius content.), one can find on
      Message 2 of 14 , Jul 7, 2011
        While I don't wish to get involved in a non-prius discussion(and in the past
        the moderators were very diligent in blocking non-prius content.), one can
        find on the internet that sarah palin "warned the british that 'we' were
        armed and would not give up our arms.

        Doesn't make it true, tho, just because it was on the internet.


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        Sure. My uncle Les does the same thing. You can find whatever you want to
        find, no matter how wacko, somewhere on the internet. You and your arguments
        are dismissed.

        Dan wrote at 01:52 PM 7/6/2011:

        >I had a hobby, I would test to see if I could discredit the latest claim of
        global warming crowd or the "expert" in 5 minutes using only google....I
        never failed to present compelling proof blasting the evidence....
        >I am for being good stewarts of our environment and mother earth. I am
        against this environmental terrorism that has grown legs and strenght.
        >When we review the Geologic facts, the factoids they feed you cease making
        sense. They make great sound bites but are just media hype....Remember
        ANYTIME ANYONE says "Scientists Agree" they are lying to you!
        >The primary one being that we are still in an ice age, there is massive
        proof that we have had warmer periods during this same ice age that has been
        going on for millions of years.
        >The second one, the basis for "manmade global warming" starts at 150 years
        ago, the end of the little ice age, which was a weather phenominum possibly
        caused by massive volcanic eruptions speweing "manmade global warming
        gases". If we use the evidence collected since Roman times, we find it was
        warmer during Viking times prior to the little ice age and during the height
        of the Roman empire.
        >One of your great studies about Antartica was by an unqualified source...a
        guy who got his PHD mailorder. Another...the Polar Bears is by the infamous
        CBD who is a (legal) group who goes around creating imaginary problems and
        suing the government (getting legal fees whether they win or lose). Both of
        which are easily ridiculed.
        >If you study the basic principles of religion and of scientific method, you
        will find that the global warming crowd deviated from scientific method
        about 10 years ago, and moved into church principles that resulted in
        Galleleo (true scientist) being excommunicated and worse for agreeing with
        Coperconious. I dare assert that "manmade global warming" has all the
        characteristics of a religion, and has deviated from scientific method.
        Ironically, previously the same instigators said we were moving to a new ice
        age with similar evidence.
        >It has its dogma
        >It threatens anyone who disagrees with the label of heritic "climate
        >It proposes excommunication of dissenting opinion
        >It uses narrow observations to describe broad machines
        >It has interferred with publication of dissenting opinions
        >The proof against all arguement and all evidence to the contrary is "we
        cannot afford to be wrong" what kind of proof is that????? it is a shaky
        foundation to an expensive and catastrophic proposal.
        >The Oxford English Dictionary says that scientific method is: "a method of
        procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century,
        consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the
        formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses."
        >What this means is that you propose a theory, present it to your enemies
        and peers. They get to tear it apart, you (the one proposing the theory) has
        to qualify all questions.
        >Majority rules is of no consequence, ask Galleleo and Einstien, and others
        whom have absolutely disproved consensus. Einstien proved the Law of Physics
        wrong, so now we have the theory of Quantum Physics.
        >So you are saying that a team of 40 climatologists with about 1000 years of
        combined experience at NASA and working with the other top government
        climate agencies are
        >'Not saying this is true about you, but climate deniers are generally
        conspiracy-oriented wackos, tea-party types, or among a handful of bought
        "scientists" '
        >This team finally left NASA under pressure to change thier views about
        manmade global warming......as the "handful of bought scientists" are the
        ones you are listening to.
        >Try getting a grant to study "the effects of manmade global warming on
        ...." and see how fast you get your money.
        >Try getting a grant to study the same issue without manmade global warming
        and see how quick you get denied.
        >Re: 10 years ago
        >Posted by: "Michael Welch" michael_welch@...
        <mailto:michael_welch%40sbcglobal.net> michael_welch@...
        >Tue Jul 5, 2011 10:48 am (PDT)
        >I really appreciate your and others thoughts, experience, and info about
        the Prius, but...
        >You are correct. "Just because weather changes" is not the reason that
        humans are a cause of climate change.
        >Human-caused climate change is supported by so much data and so many
        scientists that it is very safe to assume it is real. I once was a skeptic,
        but never a denier. Now I am convinced.
        >Not saying this is true about you, but climate deniers are generally
        conspiracy-oriented wackos, tea-party types, or among a handful of bought
        "scientists" -- all (willingly or ignorantly) influenced by corporations
        that would rather have short-term profits than the long-term viability of
        Earth, as well as being influenced by discredited "news" programs like those
        of Faux News. Just as with the viability of nuclear energy, big business
        agrees with Joseph Goebels that, "If you repeat a lie often enough, it
        becomes the truth."
        >IOW, thanks for getting great gas mileage; humans and other Earth species
        will benefit from your every effort.
        >David Kelly wrote at 02:47 PM 7/4/2011:
        >> I'm not a greenie, I don't believe that just because the weather changes
        that man must be the cause.
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