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bazillions of Portland, OR Prius sightings

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  • Julie Wright
    I just can t believe how many Priuses I m seeing lately. Maybe I ve just gotten better at spotting them! Lately I ve been seeing them every day. The ones I
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      I just can't believe how many Priuses I'm seeing lately. Maybe I've just
      gotten better at spotting them! Lately I've been seeing them every

      The ones I can remember offhand: multiple sightings of an aqua in
      Sellwood, including once when it and my aqua were in the same
      grocery store parking lot; a green heading east on Bybee last
      weekend; a green AND a silver in the Jantzen building garage at
      NE 19th and Glisan today (Monday); a green (I think) on Sunday
      afternoon at the SW 10th and Yamhill Smart Park garage; a green
      with CA plates at the Smart Park garage near Saturday
      Market weekend before last; a green headed east in Laurelhurst as
      I headed north on 39th, a week or two ago (we both waved); an
      aqua headed east on SE Clay from OMSI a couple of weeks ago; and four
      other Priuses besides ours at the Oregon Electric Vehicle Assoc.
      meeting April 12. My husband has also seen one on 158th St in
      Beaverton, and I know the couple with OR "SULEV" plates and have
      seen theirs various times. Oh yeah, and there's the CarSharing
      Prius too.

      I've also seen 4 Insights (2 driven, 1 parked on street, 1 at OEVA

      It is so encouraging to see so many hybrids around.

      If you live in or near Portland and might want to attend a Portland-
      area Prius owners' get-together sometime, drop me a line (if you haven't
      already) -- my email address is julie at pell.portland.or.us (written
      out so it doesn't get eaten by the web site!). I'd like to try to
      get one together soon.

      Also, if your car was one of the ones I saw, it would be fun to know!
      I'd especially love to know who owns the aqua one seen in Sellwood
      (license plate starts YCU).

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