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92910Re: [toyota-prius] Re: How long can a Prius run ?

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  • pmb
    Apr 1, 2006
      I never denied that one COULD pull more kw from the car, just not without getting more deeply into the electrics than most would be comfortable with.

      Also quite true about the weather impacting frequency of starting; but to act as a generator (power source) running would effectively be constant and at a level of consumption which would reflect the amount of power being drawn.

      Prius is still the "Best Car in which to be trapped in a snowdrift" though!


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      >Well, this guy pulled 3kW from his Prius to charge his sparrow.
      >I think the technical limit is about 10kW from a stationary Prius.
      >As far as how long it will run, that depends a lot on the weather.
      >If it's cold then the engine will restart more often to keep warm,
      >and if you're running the climate control it will cause the car to
      >start often to keep the cabin temp at your desired temp setting.
      >I believe the Prius will run for about a week with no loads.
      > Ryan
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