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87602Re: Blocking the Radiator in Winter

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  • Stephan Jennebach
    Sep 1, 2005
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      I blocked the front bottom two "slots" on my 2003 with great success
      last winter. Living in Minnesota, those 20 below days really take a
      toll on the gas mileage. I noticed an immediate increase in gas
      mileage, along with faster cabin warm-up.
      I used the black styrofoam pipe covers you can buy at any hardware
      store, cut them to size and affixed them inside the two bottom slots on
      the front bumper with wires. Very inexpensive and easy to do. No
      problems in the carwash, either.
      The only thing I noticed was that the outside temperature readings were
      way high - probably because the sensor is somewhere under the hood,
      where it was warmer than outside...

      Stephan, in his Silver Strata Metallic '03, 35,784 miles, 39.4 lifetime

      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "lawrence_d_lopez" <lopez@m...>
      > I was wondering if anyone tried
      > blocking the radiator in winter.
      > This is common practice in many areas.
      > For the VW Golf TDI it was really needed.
      > I expect that it is also needed on the Prius.
      > Are there any sold for the purpose items
      > for this use ?
      > I'll probably just use a piece of cardboard
      > just like I've always done.
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