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87601Re: Blocking the Radiator in Winter

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  • d0li0
    Sep 1, 2005
      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "lawrence_d_lopez" <lopez@m...>
      > I was wondering if anyone tried
      > blocking the radiator in winter.
      > This is common practice in many areas.
      > For the VW Golf TDI it was really needed.
      > I expect that it is also needed on the Prius.
      > Are there any sold for the purpose items
      > for this use ?
      > I'll probably just use a piece of cardboard
      > just like I've always done.

      I used that trick with great success in my Insight.
      It and a "warm air intake" modification did wonders
      durring a winter trip through the norther states.
      But I don't use it much here at home as it's never cold enough.

      The Prius on the otherhand is a whole different beast, and
      while I suspect that similar benefits might come from the
      radiator and/or warm air mod I can't speak from experience.

      In the Insight the radiator blocking resulted in about 3
      degrees warmer air intake temp per 1/3rd blockage. The
      warm air modification which draws intake air from either
      the catalitic converter or the top/rear of the engine
      compartment resulted in an additional 10 degree F rise.
      Notice: Never block the entire radiator!


      ps. Why does it help?
      Engine compartment warms up faster, warm engine compartment air
      stays under the hood longer, less heat disipated by radiator,
      better air/fuel mixing, more complete combustion? I could be wrong.
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