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84860Re: [toyota-prius] Re: Crushing more EV's

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  • Lee Hart
    Jun 2, 2005
      Jayson wrote:
      > I didn't realize we were talking about existing model EVs. I was
      > talking about the prototypes and concepts you see at autoshows and
      > sometimes officals driving around Detroit (or Torrence).
      > One good reason, Toyota doesn't want to be forced into providing
      > service for outdated and rare vehicles.

      No company can be "forced" to service outdated or rare vehicles.
      Companies sell all sorts of old, used, leftover, or otherwise irregular
      products "as is" all the time.

      All the auto companies would have to do to sell one of these EVs is turn
      in the title for "salvage". Then it is just like every other car in a
      junkyard -- no warranty, no liability, no responsibilities for parts or
      service, etc.

      And all the buyer of such a car would have to do it re-title it. Every
      state has proceedures for retitling a car. They have checklists of
      things that must be checked (no stolen parts, etc.) and requirements
      that must be met (lights, brakes, glass, seat belts, emission systems
      intact, etc.). Meet those requirements, and you're back on the road --
      WITHOUT manufacturer liability.
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