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84859Re: [toyota-prius] Re: Crushing more EV's

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  • Lee Hart
    Jun 2, 2005
      Jayson wrote:
      > It's a federal requirement that concept and prototype cars don't
      > end up in the general public. Hence when the company no longer
      > has use for them, they crush them.

      No; it's NOT a federal requirement!

      Manufacturers have lots of options in how they title a vehicle. If they
      plan to mass-produce it, they get full FMVSS approval; crash testing,
      emission testing, etc. so they can sell it in all 50 states without any
      special limitations.

      Or, they can get the vehicle classified in one of the many special
      categories that have less-restrictive requirements; trucks (with less
      stringent crash safety and emissions standards, NEVs (Neighborhook
      Electric Vehicles, which are restricted to lower speeds), etc.

      Or, they can get a waiver to sell a vehicle that doesn't fully meet, or
      can't be fully tested for compliance with one or more of the normal
      standards. Waivers can define almost any restriction; common ones
      restrict the manufacturer to sell no more than X vehicles per year (used
      for many limited-production and foreign car manufacturers). Or, the
      waiver may exempt the vehicle from emission testing (like the Prius,
      because it is difficult to test with normal proceedures). Or it may
      exempt the vehicle from crash testing, because so few are being produced
      and/or they are too expensive to crash test (Ambulances, Ferraris,

      Or, they can choose NOT to sell the vehicle, but only lease it so they
      retain ownership and can set any restrictions they like (and that their
      customers will put up with). This is what *all* the auto companies did
      with their recent small production runs of electric vehicles. THEY made
      all the rules about when they were returned, and what was to happen to
      them. In general, they all terminated the leases and had them crushed as
      soon as they could defeat California's ZEV mandate in court. Only a
      handful of them have managed to escape the crusher by one means or
      another. Toyota has been the least obstructive in this.

      Finally, it should be noted that vehicles do NOT need to meet federal
      standards unless you expect to sell them in every state. They only need
      to meet the STATE standards for the particular state in which you live.
      The state standards are all different, but are in general far less
      restrictive than federal standards. The state standards allow almost
      anyone to build a car themselves and get it titled, licensed, insured,
      and driven on normal roads (dune buggys, hot rods, custom cars, RVs,

      If the auto companies wanted to sell these EVs, they could. The only
      "requirement" to crush them is coming from the auto companies
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