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84010Re: Going for a test drive today

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  • Jerome Parmentier
    May 3, 2005
      It has been a while since I've posted, but felt you folks deserved
      some more food for thought. A test drive is good. You will learn
      really what kind of dealer you are dealing with when you test drive
      with them. You will also learn much more about how the car responds.
      The test drive sold me on the vehicle. I hope you have the same

      As for premiums over MSRP, they are all B.S. If the dealer insists
      on them based on some flaky wording about what the market is willing
      to pay you need to back him into the wall. He needs to understand
      that you have the money, he wants the sale, and he needs to
      understand that the sale won't happen at any premium over MSRP. If
      he continues to talk premiums, walk. It is that simple. You are the
      market and it is up to you to determine the pricing in that market.

      > From: "angeloak1" <donnabray@...>
      >I want to thank everyone for all of their advice and help with
      >researching a Prius. I have learned so much! (And practical things
      >too, not just what the dealership people tell you). So, we're going
      >today for a test drive. We found a Prius about 60 miles from here but
      >the salesman is a little annoying. Of course he has reminded us that
      >they get MSRP and in fact, some dealerships are getting up to $5,000
      >over MSRP. We won't do that so, if it is over the MSRP, we'll have to
      >wait until things settle out later in the year. I noticed a
      >dealership in Charleston (we live in SC) has 3 prices listed on their
      >website, invoice, MSRP then selling price and the selling price is
      >about $2000 over MSRP! This seems ridiculous to me but I suppose they
      >get whatever the market can stand. Anyway, thanks again and I'll post
      >later how it went!
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