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83933Going for a test drive today

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  • angeloak1
    Apr 29, 2005
      I want to thank everyone for all of their advice and help with
      researching a Prius. I have learned so much! (And practical things
      too, not just what the dealership people tell you). So, we're going
      today for a test drive. We found a Prius about 60 miles from here but
      the salesman is a little annoying. Of course he has reminded us that
      they get MSRP and in fact, some dealerships are getting up to $5,000
      over MSRP. We won't do that so, if it is over the MSRP, we'll have to
      wait until things settle out later in the year. I noticed a
      dealership in Charleston (we live in SC) has 3 prices listed on their
      website, invoice, MSRP then selling price and the selling price is
      about $2000 over MSRP! This seems ridiculous to me but I suppose they
      get whatever the market can stand. Anyway, thanks again and I'll post
      later how it went!
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