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81786Re: Gas Tank Filler Problem - 2002 Prius

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  • cleavel
    Mar 1, 2005
      Hi Scott,

      After reading the string of replies to your e-mail, my curiosity was
      running rampant. I just went outside (with flashlight in hand) to
      check my 02 and 05 Priuses and neither has a metal flap like some of
      my cars in the past. Each has a rubber "O-ring" (for lack of a better
      term) at the neck of the filler.

      Now my mind's eye of what was in the 02 was a metal flap. :P

      I guess my mind's eye was wrong.

      BTW, my Priuses are both CA models (if that matters).



      02 Super White
      05 Salsa Red
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