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81756Re: [toyota-prius] Gas Tank Filler Problem - 2002 Prius

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  • Peter Blackford
    Mar 1 12:20 AM
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      Are you POSITIVE that there ever WAS a 'little metal door' on your car? AFAIK, Prius doesn't have one. It just has the gasket which seals around the nozzle, and then the filler cap seals when closed. The metal plate found on some cars was only to prevent leaded fuel from being introduced accidentally (nozzel was too large in diameter to push it open), and you can't hardly find that any more! (this is at least the second time this has been discussed)


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      Subject: [toyota-prius] Gas Tank Filler Problem - 2002 Prius

      Hi Folks,

      I think I've had the first mechanical failure on my 2002 Prius.

      Inside the filler neck on the gas tank, there's a tiny metal door that
      gets pushed out of the way by the tube-shaped spout on the end of the
      gas pump's hose. I noticed recently that this metal door is no longer
      visible on my car. It does not appear to just be open, as if its
      closing spring were broken. It looks completely gone.

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