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74581Re: [toyota-prius] Re: Ford Hybrid Escape article

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  • Peter Blackford
    Jul 1, 2004
      bobjbkln wrote:

      > I believe this is correct about the Classic's A/C. On regular A/C
      > engine shuts down to go into stealth or at a stop. This shuts down
      > the compressor even if the temp sensor calls for it to be on.

      This is NOT correct - the ICE will start whenever the climate control calls for
      it to cool the car. This is why fuel economy takes a little hit with AUTO, and

      > On MAX
      > the compressor (and therefore the ICE) is always on (at least when
      > the temp sensor calls for it). It might be a bit more complicated
      > than this for regular A/C, with the computer in a stopped car turning
      > on the ICE and compressor when the temp reaches some amount above the
      > normal activation setting.
      > BTW, during the spring and summer I always have the temp control set
      > at minimum (below 55º) except when I have on the A/C when I set it to
      > 78º. That way I assure that when I want fan only, it will not be
      > heated.
      > --
      > Peace,
      > BobJ
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