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74571Re: Ford Hybrid Escape article

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  • bobjbkln
    Jul 1, 2004
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      I believe this is correct about the Classic's A/C. On regular A/C
      engine shuts down to go into stealth or at a stop. This shuts down
      the compressor even if the temp sensor calls for it to be on. On MAX
      the compressor (and therefore the ICE) is always on (at least when
      the temp sensor calls for it). It might be a bit more complicated
      than this for regular A/C, with the computer in a stopped car turning
      on the ICE and compressor when the temp reaches some amount above the
      normal activation setting.

      BTW, during the spring and summer I always have the temp control set
      at minimum (below 55º) except when I have on the A/C when I set it to
      78º. That way I assure that when I want fan only, it will not be

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      > In a message dated 6/30/2004 9:02:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > docaaron1@c... writes:
      > >>>
      > The article makes it sound like the Escape's A/C doesn't have a MAX
      > switch. I almost didn't buy my Prius because I did not know about
      > the MAX switch. I remember being in my wife's Camry caught in 90+
      > degree weather bumper to bumper in an I-95 traffic jam. It made me
      > think about what would happen with the A/C stopping with the family
      > in the car. Shortly after I found out about the MAX switch through
      > this group.
      > <<<<
      > In the year I've had my Classic I've never used or needed the MAX
      switch. The
      > thermostat seems to know when MAX is needed.I've never disagreed
      with its
      > decision.
      > Larry
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