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73709Re: 4 Nissan Tinos spotted in Phoenix, Arizona..

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  • Richard Scheffenegger
    Jun 1, 2004
      21st Century : Cars : Nissan Tino HybridNissan Tino Hybrid

      A new hybrid version of the soon-to-be launched Nissan Almera Tino will go
      on sale in Japan from mid-April. Compared with a standard petrol-engined
      vehicle of the same class, the newly released Tino HYBRID will improve fuel
      economy by more than twofold while cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by
      over 50%.

      The Tino Hybrid adopts Nissan's NEO HYBRID system - a highly efficient
      system that selectively uses a petrol engine and an electric traction motor
      for maximum efficiency. Customers will also benefit from Nissan's HYPER CVT
      continuously variable transmission system, which combines excellent fuel
      economy with smooth, powerful acceleration.

      The vehicle is powered by the electric motor alone under conditions where
      the engine operates inefficiently, such as when starting off or travelling
      at low speeds, and uses only the petrol engine at intermediate to high
      speeds. Under certain operating conditions, such as rapid acceleration, the
      motor also provides power to assist the engine. Additionally, the motor
      regenerates electricity during deceleration to charge the batteries. The
      engine is turned off automatically when the vehicle is stationary.

      The Tino Hybrid uses a compact, lightweight lithium-ion battery specially
      designed for hybrid vehicle application. The use of this battery
      substantially reduces the battery pack weight. Moreover, positioning the
      battery pack under the floor near the vehicle's centre of gravity has made
      it possible to achieve the same comfortable interior spaciousness,
      impressive handling and stability that distinguish its base model, the Tino.
      A multifunction display is provided via a 5.8" liquid crystal monitor that
      enables the driver to know at a glance the operating conditions of the
      engine and motor as well as instantaneous and average fuel consumption
      figures. The latest car navigation functions are also provided through the
      same monitor.

      Year:2000Engine:1.7 Litre petrol / synchronos ac electric
      Power:74/17 kW Transmission:Continuously Variable (CVT)
      0-60:n/aTop speed:n/a

      So have you noticed the price of gasoline recently? Times like these make
      people think twice about buying that hunk of steel and iron known as an SUV.
      Now compact cars with sublime EPA gas mileage ratings seem much more
      appealing. An alternate to dinosaur-oil driven vehicles are electric
      vehicles like GM's EV1...but GM? Okay how about Honda's hybrid Insight.
      gasoline-electric? Tell me more....oh wait, you're a Nissan fanatic...ya don
      't really care about Honda...instead here's yet another Nissan that most
      Americans aren't aware of.

      It's a mini-compact called the Tino. It's a stylish little compact perfect
      for the crowded narrow streets of Tokyo. Yet like the Focus or Echo, there's
      a ton of space in there. As for the hardware, the car is normally powered by
      an already efficient gasoline 4-cylinder 1.8L QG engine series (also found
      in our Sentra) - good for around 100 horsepower in Hybrid form. The Tino
      Hybrid adds a synchronous AC motor to the mix which yields around an
      additional 22 horsepower. Maximum torque from the motor is 114 lb-ft from
      0-700 rpm.

      The AC motor is powered by Lithium Ion batteries like the ones in the old
      school Altra EV. Because of Lithium Ion's ability to hold more energy in it'
      s cells than competing technologies like nickel metal hydride, Nissan was
      able to reduce the vehicle's weight.

      When the vehicle starts up the electric motor initially powers the wheel,
      it's only when you forcibly jab your foot into the throttle does the
      gasoline engine make it's self apparent. Nissan also threw in another
      innovative piece of hardware called a CVT (Continuously Variable
      Transmission) that ditches the old school fixed gear ratios for a
      continuously variable set of pulleys for an infinite number of ratios;
      allowing for smooth acceleration and improved fuel economy on top of the
      hybrid engine setup.

      In the upcoming days, we'll dive further into more details about the Tino
      Hybrid. If you interested in one, you'll need to do a couple of things...one
      is hop on the next trans-pacific flight to Japan. And the other be really
      fast with the mouse as Nissan is selling only 100 units on the internet on
      April 14th


      And so on... google with nissan tino hybrid

      ----- Original Message -----
      > Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 11:05:16 -0700
      > From: "Michael F. March" <march@...>
      > Subject: 4 Nissan Tinos spotted in Phoenix, Arizona..
      > I was driving down the road today and line of four Tinos
      > passed by me. Here are pics of two of them:
      > http://cowmix.com/Prius-list/tino/
      > I waved down one of the vehicles and the driver told me that
      > he worked for a company that did contract work for Nissan to
      > test features of their cars. To get rid of me, he informed me
      > that there are a lot of web sites on the car so I should get
      > further information on the car on the net. Just a quick glance
      > at the web shows me there is no where as much information on the
      > car as he indicated.
      > BTW.. it is not very obvious from my pictures but the steering wheel
      > of the car was on the right hand side so these are obviously not
      > American versions of the Tino.
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