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66980Re: ICONs "CAR=50WH"

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  • Michelle Vadeboncoeur
    Dec 1, 2003
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      --- In toyota-prius@yahoogroups.com, "bottomline540" <bottomline540@y...> wrote:
      > Ref: ENERGY/CONSUMPTION screen display
      > What is the object of the CARS ICON=50WH ?
      > We have notice that our BAR CHART often goes well above the 50KW
      > line and sometimes it puts a CAR or 1/2CAR or in some cases NO CAR
      > even though the value of the BAR is above the 50 line ???

      The ENERGY screen shows you where power is flowing (engine to wheels,
      for example). It does not tell you when your engine is on, though,
      unless the gas engine is providing power to some other item on the

      The CONSUMPTION screen tells you several things. 1. On the bottom, there
      is a resettable odometer and the associated cumulative MPG (l/100km) over that
      odometer. Unfortunately, on the 2004 Prius it automatically resets
      itself after filling the gas tank, whereas the classic Prius does not
      do this behaviour (over 25,000miles on my screen, for example).
      2. On the right side, there is a bar telling you the instantaneous
      MPG (or l/100km) for your current driving.
      3. The bulk of the screen shows you a bar chart of your historical
      average MPG (or l/100km) in 5min increments, since you last started the car, up to
      30minutes ago. The most recent 5min increment is on the right-most
      side, and as time progresses it gets pushed to the left as new more
      recent 5min increments are posted. The height of the bar is the
      average MPG (or l/100km in those markets) over just that 5min period.
      4. Overlayed onto the 5min increments bar chart, are little regeneration
      stars. On the classic Prius, it's a little yellow sun or star shape.
      On the 2004 Prius, it's a little green leaf or car shape. Each full
      regeneration star represents 50Wh regenerated (half star = 25Wh). I
      think there's a max of 5 regeneration stars displayed per 5min bar.
      More info about the stars are as listed in the Links > FAQ's section:
      Regeneration Stars
      Great comparison of 50wH stars to everyday energy use.
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