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3422Re: [toyota-prius] Reply to All?

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  • Peter Blackford
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Let's clear this up right now! You DO NOT "have to go to the
      page" - except to LOG IN, and CHANGE your individual PREFERENCES
      as to how you receive the List!
      Somehow, it seems that your settings got changed. It did not,
      AFAIK, happen to any others.

      Please go, do it, and let me know if the problem is solved!


      Pete (want a little cheese with that whine? ;-) )

      Mark Binder wrote:
      > it really stinks that i have to go to the prius page to read messages...it
      > was so much better when they all came in here...dunno how you can appease
      > everybody...
      > mark
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