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27397Re: Tax incentives; HOV lanes; other beTnnies

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    Feb 1, 2002
      Almost all of these have been discussed--some excruciatingly--but
      there are few definitive answers.

      Check Bookmarks>Financial, lots of stuff there:

      Federal tax (I'm not a tax professional, yada yada):
      $1500 deduction for sure
      ~$2000 credit is debatable, and the latest IRS pubs, though poorly
      drafted, clearly intend that the Prius is not eligible

      CA advantages (I'm still not a tax professional):
      I don't know what CEDD is
      IMO, it's a disgrace how slow CA has been to provide incentives for
      folks to buy the Prius or Insight. San Joaquin air quality district
      has an incentive in place:
      The state has been trying to get one up & running, but I'm skeptical
      that it will ever happen:
      Both must be arranged before vehicle purchse.
      Unambiguous NO from CARB on HOV use solo, 'cause it uses gas:

      LO EMISN
      San Carlos, CA

      --- In toyota-prius@y..., Donald Cook <decook@a...> wrote:
      > I spent almost two hours this morning in a vain attempt to research
      > issues with Prius. Nowhere does there appear a definitive answer to
      > these questions where I, at any rate, would expect to find them:
      > * The federal tax advantage to Prius ownership:
      > * IRS rules
      > * Any possible other incentives
      > * The state (California) advantage to Prius ownership:
      > * CEDD credits or deductions
      > * HOV status -- I had heard some months ago that Prius could now
      > qualify. Some sites refer you to the DMV site, but it's both
      a bit
      > dense and a little lacking in effective indexing, so I could
      > nowhere
      > *
      > * Hm. Can't get rid of these damned bullets. Crap.
      > * Anyway. I would be most interested in either a site where all
      > above can be found, or an answer that would outline the
      answers so
      > I can look up the original materials myself.
      > Thanks.
      > Don
      > * Dots.
      > [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
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