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21606Re: A scary Halloween story with a happy ending

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  • ablatus@yahoo.com
    Nov 1, 2001
      --- In toyota-prius@y..., tdef@h... wrote:
      Hi Prii Gang,

      Well, I ordered my Prius last Wed online and then went to my dealer on
      Friday. I did put down $1000, which didn't bother me. I put it on my
      credit card and figure that's $1000 that will be paid off by the time
      I get my car.

      Well, I didn't get an e-mail response from Toyota that my order was
      done as of Today, so I'm kind of worried that the dealership just
      ordered the car through them the dealership and didn't use my Internet
      order number. They called me yesterday, after I left a message and
      said they checked and that the order was done. She's calling Toyota
      today to make sure I get an e-mail confirmation.

      I did tell her that I was pretty Prius wise (thanks to you-all) and
      that had heard of dealerships selling ordered cars out from the
      orginal owner's order. I'm hoping that is enough to keep them from
      doing it to me but I'll keep a watchful eye on them.

      Mark in Stockton

      > Congratulations on the happy ending.
      > I don't know how yours managed to come in so quickly, but I have the
      > same fears as you (and everybody else) about a less-than-honest
      > dealer selling my car out from under me. I am glad you caught that
      > one. I haven't been back to my dealer since I ordered in July, but I
      > think I should check.
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