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14409Re: cassette clicking?

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  • Bill Powell
    Jul 2 5:22 PM
      --- In toyota-prius@y..., mrv@k... wrote:
      > --- In toyota-prius@y..., David Fox <david@E...> wrote:
      > > I also just stared noticing a problem with my cassette player --
      > > hearing a frequent clicking noise, almost like a spark. Anyone
      > What is the humidity like in your area (or car) when you hear the
      > clicking noise through the speakers when a cassette is playing?
      Ya know?
      I was thinking that myself but it just seemed too dumb.

      Until I recently had a problem with 3 1/2 floppy discs not reading in
      newer floppy drives.
      Turns out to be static electricity.
      Now I keep a box of dryer no-cling sheets at work: wipe off floppy
      with sheet and THEN put it in the drive.
      No, the disc - NOT the sheet.
      Seems to work. Might want to try it on the tape ansd see what

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