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14406Re: cassette clicking?

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  • mrv@kluge.net
    Jul 2, 2001
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      --- In toyota-prius@y..., David Fox <david@E...> wrote:
      > I also just stared noticing a problem with my cassette player --
      > hearing a frequent clicking noise, almost like a spark. Anyone have
      > happen?

      I don't use my cassette often enough to have noticed this but...

      What is the humidity like in your area (or car) when you hear the
      clicking noise through the speakers when a cassette is playing?

      I used to be a state licensed motion picture operator. At college,
      we had a set of older, well-maintained, former drive-in 35/70mm movie
      projectors dating from the 50s/60s (roadshow capable). Typically, in
      a projection booth, you want to keep the air as dry and humidity-free
      as possible, to extend the life of the projector's compontents (from
      rust and the like).

      However, VERY occasionally we'd luck out and get a 70mm magnetic-
      audio striped film to show. (Usually the audio track on a movie
      would be optical-based.) The only way to keep from hearing a
      frequent, random pop/click in the audio of the movie would be to have
      a handheld spray bottle of water, and mist in the general area of the
      film and the magnetic audio head. The increased humidity would stop
      the ever-present static buildup of the print from discharging on the
      magnetic reading sound head. After the movie's run was over, we'd
      have to run at extra-dry and check over the components again...

      Working in a projection booth, you come to know, love, hate, and
      respect static discharge... sorry to get a bit off-topic, but...

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