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1265182002 Prius, 260K miles, about to try to replace a battery module

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  • Stephen Highland
    May 18, 2017
      I have a replacement module for my 2002 Prius hybrid battery and am ready to start trying to take the thing apart in my basement, but I can't seem to find any YouTube videos that talk about the classic Prius.  They all seem to be about the Gen 2 types.  Can someone send a link to some appropriate videos to study before I start tinkering?

      Also, which module is number 15?  I can just find the low voltage one with a voltmeter, I suppose, but do you simply count from one end or is it numbered strangely?

      Is there anything else I should do while I have the thing apart?  This is a rebuilt battery from Dorman that I installed myself in January 2014 so it should be in good shape, I hope.


      Steve in Duluth
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