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124945Changing Headlight Bulb

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  • Michael Jozwiak
    Jul 14, 2014
      The passenger-side bulb has burned out several weeks
      ago. One instruction on the internet states that tools
      are not needed. Reach behind the headlight. Grip the
      green rectangle box bulb fixture. Twist counterclockwise
      (to driver's side) a quarter of a turn (90 degrees?). Pull
      out fixture. Press release tab. Insert new bulb into fixtures.
      Insert fixture into headlight and turn until it snaps into place.
      Easy-breezy, except....

      The area is very cramped. I barely can fit my small but fat
      hand into
      the space. I turned the fixture about 30 degrees, scrapping
      the very top layer of skin in a couple of places. The fix-
      ture will not budge, unless I rally an internal fortitude to
      tolerate any scrapes and cuts from replacing the bulb.

      The owner's manual instructions shows the unscrewing
      of a bolt or screw of a vapor hose(?) and moving hose
      out of the way. Also it shows removing a hose clip attached
      to an auxiliary water bottle from the radiator . Moving both
      the hoses does not appear to produce any mote room
      in the area. Moving hoses may move a couple of dirty
      parts from a clean new
      light bulb.

      I may try a sixth time with a latex glove on my hand.
      See if the glove gives me a better grip and protection.

      Michael J.
      2010 Toyota Prius

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