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  • Mon Lee
    Jul 10, 2014
      Try putting a drop of water on the valve and see if it bubbles.  I had the same issue with one of my cars.  I just tighten valve down and that resolved it.  On another car, I had to replace the valve which requires vacuuming out the system before the R123 was added  back in.


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      Wed Jul 9, 2014 9:04 am (PDT) . Posted by:


      Update: The day after adding the A/C Pro stuff, my A/C stopped cooling. I added the second half of the A/C Pro can the second day. It also cooled for a day. I bought a second can of A/C Pro (smaller refill size) and added about 2/3rds of that can. It lasted longer and this time my A/C worked for a few more days. I re-read the instructions and noticed I may have not held the trigger down when I was instructed to turn the can sideways. I shook what's left of the 2nd can and made sure I held the trigger down as I tilted the can 90 degrees. Heck, I even turned the can upside down as I injected the juice. I did not have enough juice to get the needle on the gauge in the right pressure zone. It work a little longer so I bought a third can (same refill size). I shook the heck out the can before using and made sure I held the trigger open as I tilted the can every few seconds 90 degrees sideways, as directed. That was last Wednesday and I'm still blasting cold air through the A/C vents today!

      Even if I have to add a spritz once or twice a month, that will get me through the summer. Once you know where the connection is and how to set the gauge on the can, it's quite simple.

      I'm just hoping the problem was dried up seals and the A/C Pro stuff takes care of the problem. I only used the A/C Pro stuff with seal and rubber restorer NOT the heavy duty stuff designed to seal metal leaks.

      Again I don't believe this stuff can be used in the 2nd and 3rd gen Prii, only the 1st gen because of the oil that is used in the A/C pro stuff is not the right kind for the newer Prii. It could cause damage, as I understand it.

      '02 Prius
      146K miles
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