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123378Re: [toyota-prius] Question about 2006 Prius Key

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  • David Kelly
    May 22, 2013
      On May 21, 2013, at 12:07 AM, JODI & DAVID THOMAS <davidandjodi@...> wrote:

      > lazer-cutting the special door key another $100 (Pop a Lock did that for $50 if we went to their place...

      Had to special order it and took from perhaps a Thursday to a Monday or Tuesday to arrive but Mercedes-Benz cut a new mechanical key for my Smart Key (they call it KEYLESS GO, in capitals, and badly need to hire new people for naming things) for under $25. At the dealer.

      I believe Mercedes-Benz and Toyota get their smart key systems from the same vendor. Hand in the door handle, and little black button operation is identical. Right down to a sequence of button presses on the key to toggle behavior of driver's door from driver-only to all-doors. The difference is Toyota defaults to driver's door only and Mercedes-Benz defaults to all doors. Oh, and Mercedes-Benz documents the procedure in the owner's manual and Toyota does not.

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