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  • Tom M
    May 20, 2013
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      I use the select PARK approach whenever I am not the first car at the light.  Considering where the PARK button is located and how easy it is to get back into DRIVE it's a no-brainer for me.

      There is so much technology in the Prius that I'm almost sure that this doesn't have any effect on the PARK "switch" or how the change back to DRIVE may be wearing out a "switch".    While I have no basis for this, I have kind of always assumed that these make use of a Hall-effect device to detect the change.

      My main reason for using PARK is that I'm just too lazy to keep my foot on the brake.  Obviously, if I'm #1 in line then I'll use the brake.



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      >Thank you for the response about starting the engine early. How about this one.
      >If you are going to be sitting at a light for a while, sitting there for some time with your foot on the brake and the brake lights on uses a lot of electricity. What about putting it in park with no brake lights on and putting it in drive when you're ready to go? Will it save battery power? I imagine the switch will wear out faster.

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