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123265Bladder Failure 2003

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  • swtilden
    May 4, 2013

      I just had my fuel tank replaced on my 2003 Prius and wanted to let others know what symptoms I experienced before the tank was replaced.

      About 3 years ago the engine check light came on with a code of Engine ECU P1455 (Fuel vapor, small leak detected). I cleared the code with my ECROS Tech Mini-Scanner. Light came on again 3 months later and I cleared it again. Over the last 3 years the code came up 8 times. Went for as long as 11 months staying off.

      A couple of months ago, just after I filled the tank, the engine started to run poorly when very lightly loaded. Within a day, Engine ECU P3190 (Poor Engine Power) was shown. Cleared that, drove the car several hundred miles with no further performance issues.

      Next, the day after I filled the tank (being careful NOT to top it off) as the engine was warming up, it stalled and I got codes Engine ECU P3191 (Engine fails to start), Hybrid ECU P3101 (engine computer reported P3190 or P3191). Again a cleared the codes, drove some distance with no more problems.

      Then I noticed that if I disconnected the fuel vapor line from the green maintenance port in the engine compartment, it was slightly wet with fuel inside the hose. Not filled with fuel or anything, just wet. This seemed like a very bad sign.

      Also, on hot days, sometimes, very intermittently, the car would sometimes smell like fuel outside the car, but I could never tell definitively where the smell was coming from.

      The final symptom that got the car to the dealer was one unusually warm spring day, about 3 days after I had fueled the car, it left a gas stain under the car directly below the front edge of the fuel tank.

      Waited for code P1455 to come on again, then took the car in.

      Invoice said: "Internal Damage to Fuel Tank Bladder, R&R Fuel Tank Assy".

      Parts replaced:

      77740-47030 Canister Assy, Charc
      77730-47010 Canister Assy, Trap
      77001-47071 Tank Sub-assy, Fuel

      Total cost for the job for parts and labor, but excluding tax was about $1300 ($731 parts).

      Except for the P1455 code, I think the other reported codes were the result of extra fuel being fed into the engine via the fuel line vent hose.

      Steve Tilden
      2003 Prius
      99,000 miles
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